Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Louis Wetzel Home 1896

Locally this has been known as the "Honeymoon Cottage" according to a historical account published in Houses That Talk written by Fred J. Meamber and R. Bernice Soule Meamber in 1986. Originally built and known as the Louis J. Wetzel home for his June bride, Gertrude Nixon. Gertrude was the daughter of the local newspaper editor of the Yreka Journal, Mr. Robert Nixon. This home is located at 327 Third Street, Yreka, California in the heart of the National Historic District. Local folklore tells us that Robert Nixon was a direct ancestor of the former U. S. President, Richard Nixon, but to date no direct proof in scholarly form has been seen by this author.

Louis went into business and joined his father in his mercantile endeavors on Miner Street in downtown Yreka. The young couple had three children while they lived here. In 1910, however, the Wetzels sold the cottage to a family member and moved to Oakland, California where Mr. Wetzel went into the real estate business and did quite well. He lived in the new district of Oakland Hills.

Within a couple of years the home sold again to a Forest Supervisor, a Mr. William B. Rider. Following that transaction the home has sold several times throughout the years until the present.
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