Saturday, May 3, 2008

F. S. Ackerman House 1879 (rebuilt 1899)

Located at the northernmost corner of the "official" Historic District on the National Register, this house still stands.
The building has had essentially two "lives". It was originally erected in 1879 in a different location, about 2 blocks south where the Fry House built in 1899 is located. (Currently the Fry House is the locally famous James Place Antiques) When Charles Fry decided to build he needed to tear down this 1879 home. Mr. Frank Ackerman, a local pharmacist, was happy to help!

Mr. Ackerman purchased the lumber, windows, and other parts of the house and had it rebuilt on his lot at the corner of Third and Lennox Streets. He did add to the house and with his wife's wishes as history is reported, that it was her desire for a curved porch. The main portion of the house was rebuilt in a design similar to the original.

Mr. Ackerman served as the pharmacist and manager of the Churchill Drug Store for over 30 years. In 1918 he along with his son purchased the Drug Store and operated it as the Ackerman Drug Store for another 10 years.

This house is located at 419 Third Street and is listed on the historic walking tour of Yreka pamphlet available at the Chamber of Commerce.
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