Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Yreka Inn 1925 (Sadly gone...)

In 1925 The Yreka Inn was built by L. L. Weaver and his brother, W. J. Weaver ~ entrepreneurs that originally began in the grocery business and subsequently into general merchandise, the lumber business, etc. and eventually into the Hotel industry.

The Yreka Inn had 102 rooms and was an "imposing" concrete structure. The Yreka Inn was located on the "Great Pacific Highway" (later known as Highway 99) midway between San Francisco and Portland in Yreka. It was reported in the History of the Sacramento Valley, California by Jesse Walton Wooldridge that "the prices ... are reasonable and the rooms are well filled throughtout the year by tourist and commercial travelers." The Inn had an adjoining restaurant and dinner house as well as a ballroom. The local Rotary clubs and other organizations were regulars with the hotel services. It was touted as a first class hotel!

In a newspaper account from the Siskiyou Daily News on December 2, 1941 the Yreka Inn was noted as the place that held the first meeting of the secessionists that began the movement from Northern California and Southern Oregon to form the State of Jefferson. That movement was "tabled" within a few days because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the beginning of World War II. However, many still hold the dream that someday a State of Jefferson might be formed.

Unfortunately in 1975 the hotel was razed when the property was purchased for a new local bank. The hotel was "older" then and the former Great Pacific Highway (Hwy 99) was bypassed by Interstate 5. Many wish the building could have been saved and restored, it would be an extraordinary valuable asset to the city today if it were still standing!

Above is a view of the front entrance with an unidentified woman standing in the front. The colored image on the right is from a vintage matchbook cover that was once given away at the Yreka Inn for advertising purposes. Additional images of this hote, including a interior lobby view can be seen in the Images of America book, Yreka on page 42.
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