Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yreka Elementary circa 1863

Photo circa 1888

The following is from the:
Yreka Semi-Weekly Journal, July 22, 1863.

                NEW SCHOOL HOUSE. — The funds which the Trustees of Yreka School District are in hopes of being authorized to raise are to be applied to a thorough refitting and remodeling of the public school house of this city.  Every person is satisfied that the present building is not fit to have a school in, besides not being capable of containing more than one half of the scholars within the boundaries of the District.  The plan of the new building is so calculated as to remedy both of these defects.  They propose to turn the present house around so as to stand side to the street, and put an addition on to one end, equal in width and length to the old house, which will give a room — by removing the partition — sixty feet long, by twenty-four wide.  This will be divided into two compartments, by a sliding partition in the centre, which will give two rooms, each thirty feet long, by twenty-four wide.  These rooms will easily accommodate one hundred and twenty five scholars, who are to be seated, in each room, facing the centre partition.  On public occasions, both rooms can be thrown into one, by sliding the partition thus reliving the teachers and pupils of the trouble and expense of fitting up a hall, where the benefits are only felt for an evening or a day.
            The front is to be relieved of its barn appearance by an addition, projecting out ten feet by twenty-four long.  This will be divided into an open hall with a room on each side which are calculated for the accommodation of the scholars’ hats and over-garments.  From these rooms, scholars will enter their respective school rooms.  By this arrangement, the school can be graded and classified.  The advanced scholars will form a grammar department, while the small and less advanced, will form a primary department
The benefits arising from such a classification must be apparent to all.  Not only will the children be benefited by the advantages of a thoroughly classified school, but the parents by lessening the expense of schooling.
            Let everyone give it their careful consideration, and decide by their vote on the 1st of August next, that the youth of Yreka shall have a suitable school room.  The county has a first class Court House; shall it not have a good School House?

            A ground plan can be seen at the Post Office.

Note:  This building sat approximately where the Siskiyou County Library is located today near the corner of Fourth and Yreka Streets.