Sunday, September 20, 2009

Major H. White Home, 1936

Photo copyright Claudia East, 2009.

The stately Colonial type home located at 414 North Main Street in Yreka, California appears somewhat hidden behind the trees, but in winter it dominates the block! This lovely home was built in 1936 by Major Harold (Harry) White and his wife Kathleen M. White. This was the first home built at this address, in 1935 this was simply a empty lot that was nearly at the edge of town along the Pacific Highway, or only recently named, Highway 99. The (almost hidden) addition on the north end of the house was added in recent years.

Major White was originally a native of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, however census records show his parents were both Americans. Major White received his commission from West Point in 1917. He served in World War I (the "Great War" and the "War to End All Wars") was wounded, and was stationed in France. Major White's class from West Point was somewhat of an exception to most... the class was graduated two months ahead of schedule because of the war and the need for trained leadership. The New York Times newspaper has an article from April 21, 1917, describing the graduation and the events that happened during the exercises ~ from being held in the "new" gym to the overhead flight of two aeroplanes with one crash landing, and listing each of the 138 graduates from the class of 1917.

The White family moved to Yreka in 1933 coming from the town of Anselmo in Marin County, California. Major White served in several capacities while here in Yreka, he sold insurance, sold real estate, and also served as Judge. He was also the Commandant of Yreka's Company M, 10th Regiment of the California State Guard. Company M was mustered into service a few days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and their objective was to protect military objectives in Siskiyou County and form a resistance to any invasion attempt.

Information about this home was found in census records, city directories, from printed material on a historic home tour from 1989, and the New York Times.
Copyright: Claudia A. East, 2009