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Ringe Pool

Yreka's Ringe Memorial Pool Complex

During the summer in Yreka local residents and especially the children enjoy a cool dip at Ringe Memorial Pool located on Knapp Street adjacent to the current Yreka High School Gymnasium and football stadium. The pool was built in memorial to Henry F. Ringe by his wife's estate following her death in 1959. The finances for the pool were given to the City of Yreka for the construction of a municipal pool in her husband's memory.

Henry F. Ringe and his wife, Nellie lived in or near Yreka the majority of their lives. Henry's father, Frederick was a leather worker and had a harness and saddlery shop at 106 W. Miner Street which he operated for over 50 years. Apparently Henry and Nellie owned and operated a ranch southwest of Norden, Oregon for awhile and Henry made saddles and his father's store in Yreka provided an outlet for his work. Later Henry operated this shop until he retired in 1916. Henry became seriously ill around 1919 and underwent surgery in San Francisco, apparently to no avail. He was in constant pain and was very despondent at times. He died on April 30, 1921.

Henry F. Ringe lived in Yreka and was listed in several census reports living on Third Street. The original home is no longer standing, and was known as the "double house" (a duplex) and Henry with his wife, lived there alongside his father, Frederick, who lived in the other half of the duplex. [This was reported as being located at 107 and 109 Third Street.] A new home in the same location, following Henry's death, was built by his wife, Nellie in 1923.

In 1960 the Olympic sized Ringe Memorial Pool was built for the enjoyment of the citizens of Yreka.

Additional information about the Ringe family and their homes can be found in the 1963 edition of the Siskiyou Pioneer, page 34; The 2001 Siskiyou Pioneer, page 39; and in the book Houses that Talk by Fred J. Meamber and R. Bernice Soule Meamber published in 1986.

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