Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greenhorn School

Photo copyright:
Claudia A. East, 2007.

The Greenhorn School District was first established in 1859. The photo above is the last school building that was used in the local Greenhorn District. This building stands near the Grange Building on the south entrance to Greenhorn Park in Yreka. The building clearly appears to be a old school building and the red color gives it a certain kind of dignity, however, there isn't any visible marker telling of its history that one sees when driving by. In the 1970's the building was used as a club house for the local "Trailriders" organization. It appears to still be in use today, but it is not obvious what group or organization is utilizing the building.

The original school building (unfortunately, no longer in existence) was first built near where Greenhorn Creek and Yreka Creek met. This location isn't any visible any longer as changes to Yreka Creek and Greenhorn have been made due to freeway construction and flood control.

It is interesting to learn that the Greenhorn area was considered to be a separate community from Yreka for some time. In 1868 the Greenhorn School District was merged with the Yreka School District, only to re-establish its own district again in 1878. It apparently continued to function as a separate district until 1927 when Greenhorn District combined with part of the former Rose School District. (The small Rose School District was actually just up Greenhorn Road about 3 miles straight up from Interstate 5. There is nothing left of the building that once stood for Rose School District, and according to records it began around 1901 and functioned about 15 years.) It wasn't until 1951 that the Greenhorn District was fully absorbed into the Yreka Union School District permanently.

Up through the 1950s it was not uncommon for small schools to be located throughout the county and countryside. Rapid transportation and good roads were not always available. Children usually attended schools relatively close to their homes even in rural areas for accessibility.

The Siskiyou County Office of Education has a wonderful addition to their website providing historical school information. There are many photographs that are very interesting. You can access the information here: http://www.sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us/users/imcftp/public_html/schoolhistfirstpage.html

Click on the Historical Resources lists and one can find a page listing the names of all schools former and current within the county. One can spend hours surfing their offerings! Give it a try!

* Information for this post was gleaned from the History of The Schools of Siskiyou County, Compiled and Edited by Stanley J. Balfrey, published by the Siskiyou County Schools.

Copyright: Claudia A. East


tgomez69 said...

I really appreciate the blog site and many of the historical stories of Yreka. I reached out to the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Posse who operates out of this former school house. A volunteer replied that this is the former Greenhorn School which was erected around 1910 and relocated to its current site and donated to the Posse around 1968. The volunteer who replied to my inquiry stated he discovered some old school books and kids finger painting kits in the attic a few years ago.

Claudia East said...

Thanks! And thanks for the additional historical information!