Monday, September 29, 2008

Cummins ~ Forrest House abt. 1854

Photo copyright Claudia East, 2008

Pictured above is one of the first homes built on Third Street, according to information provided in the book Houses That Talk by Fred J. Meamber and R. Bernice Soule Meamber published in 1986. In this home lived one of Yreka's civic leaders who helped to organize our city's first government. Dr. J. Lytle Cummins lived here with his wife, Olive and their daughter Mary. They first moved to Yreka in 1852 hailing from Ohio. Dr. Cummins was one of the first physicians in town to serve the needs of Yrekans. According to the Meambers, in their book, Dr. Cummins was involved in quite a "scandal" in 1861 ~ apparently while his wife and daughter were in Ohio visiting sick relatives the doctor left town suddenly. . .with a young lady! There is a newspaper account in the Yreka Journal of the whereabouts of Dr. Cummins in 1889, some 28 years later, and apparently Dr. Cummins was discovered homeless and friendless in San Francisco.

In 1893 the home was sold to Joseph Forrest, a local shoemaker. It was Mr. Forrest who had the roof line of the house rebuilt to a steeper pitch than it was originally seen to accommodate a stronger snow load ~ this is the roof line we view in the photo above. Mr. Forrest owned and operated a shop where he made boots and shoes for families in Yreka for 45 years. His shop is reported to have been located at 108 West Miner Street.

Copyright: Claudia A. East, 2008