Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Fry / "James Place" House

Photo copyright by Don East, 2002.

This beautiful home located at the corner of Third and Yama Streets in Yreka has stood here since 1899 when Charles B. Fry had it constructed by local builder J. H. Ranous. There is a good deal of history about this particular lot of land and who lived there along with other local history available in the excellent publication, Houses That Talk by Fred J. Meamber and R. Bernice Soule Meamber published in 1986. One bit of information that is quite interesting is that there was a home located on this spot and originally Fry was going to have the house remodeled, and then he decided to tear it down and build new. (The house that was there was disassembled and moved to 419 Third Street, the Ackerman House. Information is in a May post in this blog ~ F. S. Ackerman House.)

The Fry's owned this house until about 1924 and sold it to a Donald Montgomery who owned it for only two years. During the years of the first half of the century various folks rented the house or the property changed hands. At one time it was even divided into four apartments. In 1967, however, the home became the property of the Alden James Family. In 1971 the lovely old home was turned into a antique store and has been known as the "James Place" ever since. It has become a true icon for Yreka.

If traveling or living in Yreka it is a pleasure to go to the James Place and not only look at the lovely antiques for sale, but to examine the building. The entry is lovely with a staircase that is large and ornate and it just invites one to climb the stairs and see what is up above!

If you have a copy of our book, Yreka, Images of America you will find another image of this home on page 59, along with additional historical information. On page 57 you will discover an image of the Ackerman house that once stood on this corner before the Fry House was built!

Copyright: Claudia A. East, 2008

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